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Written by Macy McMathews on Apr. 17th 2018
We strive to dissect the reasons behind why thousands of women switched to menstrual cups.  What, why, and how are they better & used.
At PMyeS! we have found that lately lots of women have been asking these few questions.  We are here to provide a complete guide to what the most common questions are, and what you'd want to know. 


What is a Menstrual Cup?
Why Menstrual Cup

They aren't scary at all.

Every beginning can be difficult, and it may take you a few periods to get the hang of your menstrual cup.  Once you do, its a whole world of difference between your tampons or pads you have used.
In short, menstrual cup is an alternative to a pad or a tampon and it catches the blood from your menstrual cycle instead of absorbing it.
Whats the point of catching the blood from my menstrual cycle?
You know how when your period is here and suddenly your plan to go swimming turned into sitting on the couch? Well, being able to comfortably do any exercise without worry is only one of the many benefits of Menstrual Cups.

The menstrual cup catches your blood, and seals it inside the bowl of the cup until you are ready to empty.  Its got a natural suction, just enough to keep your cup in place, blood tightly secured inside, and does not spill out.  

How long can you use for? Honestly, this depends on your flow.  If you consider yourself heavy flow you may want to empty every 6 to 9 hours or when your cup is full.  If your flow is not particularly heavy, for most, menstrual cup will last up to 12 hours before you need to empty.  Emptying the cup is extremely easy, we will cover how to use the cup below.    
I don't want make a mess or touch my own blood.
This is a fair statement and it seems scary at first.  However, what we have found is that women who have switched to using menstrual cups have found that there is even less waste.  You don't have to touch your own blood, the stem will let you remove the cup easily, and empty while you are on the toilet for the best experience we have found.  Menstrual Cups are also reusable and can be used for up to 10 years. It's 100% medical grade silicone which means that it does not promote bacteria growth.  An important fact that everyone should know about pads and tampons is that, there is still no preventative measures for toxic shock syndrome.  Alternatively if you are using pads or tampons, hop on over HERE and start saying yes to your period.
Menstrual Cup
Some even let you release the blood without having to take it out! Check It Out Here!
Why Use a Menstrual Cup?

Comforting, supporting, and secure.

Feel more comfortable, without the pads or tampons that you are used to feeling when you are sitting or walking around feeling the pad scratch the inside of your leg.  Menstrual cup will sit tightly and securely inside your vagina.  It is designed to be the perfect shape of your vagina without having to worry about being in your way of leaks.  If you have experienced a leak before with tampon or pads, Menstrual cup will keep you protected and dry at all times.
In short, menstrual cup is more comfortable, and secure than pads or tampons.  The risk of leaks is reduced many folds, so you can go about your day with confidence doing any activity you'd like.  Not only that, being safe means that there is much less chance of toxic shock syndrome.  There has only ever been no more than 3 cases of females catching toxic shock syndrome, and the results were unable to determine if the causes was truly from the menstrual cup.
What is Toxic Shock Syndrome? Prevent it!
Toxic Shock Syndrome, is caused by bacteria that people have in their bodies so it's actually an illness that men and children can also get. Although, Toxic Shock Syndrome isn't caused by tampons or tampon ingredients however using tampons increases the chance of getting Toxic shock Syndrome. About half of all Toxic Shock Syndrome cases are linked to tampons and it is determined that one or two out of every ten thousand menstruating woman per year will get Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Its Much More Cost Effective...Here Is Why.
According to the 15,000 women being surveyed, on average about a $140USD dollars a year is spent on menstrual products. Let's do the math... 

A woman menstruates usually about 40 years, which adds up to $5,600USD their entire life that they're spending on menstrual products not a huge number but definitely not a small one.  Yes! thats right, we have already left out inflation, so in reality, this will amount to more.

A typical menstrual cup that you can trust its quality costs roughly about $30 to $40USD.  A menstrual cup is designed to last up to 10 years. $40 divided by 10 years is only $4 per a year.  Which is significantly less than the spend on tampons or pads.  

Just imagine, not having to buy tampons for a long time.  Keep this tiny menstrual cup with you in your purse and you will always be ready. You also won't run out too, this to save us from embarrassment from the time that we had to ask our girlfriends for a tampon because we have ran out.
Less Waste, More Environmental
Lasting up to 10 years, it is the most durable menstrual product to date. Imagine how many tampons or pads you have used so far. Now, imagine how many women are like you who needed to use pads or tampons, and imagine just how many tampons all the ladies just around your neighbourhood throw into the landfills.  We only have one earth, and it is our duty to protect it.
I can always get cheaper tampons/pads...
We would totally agree with you.  At your local convenient store there must be packs of cheap tampons and pads that you can get.  Question is...are they right for you?  Are the cheap ones the one you want to trust to protect you and put inside your body? As a women, I feel uncomfortable knowing that it is the cheapest because it probably means that the quality isn't there.  I have had the liberty of trying a low cost tampon as I was away from home in a remote area.  They ONLY had cheap ones there, throughout my cycle, I felt very uncomfortable, and always had to check if I was leaking or not.  It didn't give me the security or the confidence I needed.  Hopefully you can take my experience as a lesson.  
How To Use a Menstrual Cup?

Fold, Insert, let it sit! It's that simple

Honestly, the first time you'll have to find what works for you.  There are many ways to fold a menstrual cup, and you can put your leg on the toilet, sit down, tilt to the side, etc.  You will soon find what works best for you very quickly.  To sanitize it, simply boil in boiling water for up to 10 mins, make sure to give it a good stir before putting the menstrual cup in to prevent burning from the bottom of your pot or pan.
Here is a large picture to demonstrate.
Three Easy Steps:
Step 1 - Fold and hold tightly together.  
Step 2 - Insert Comfortably. 
Step 3 - Push the side, pull the stem to take out and empty at your convenience.
Folding & Inserting
There are many ways to folding the menstrual cup.  Typically, it is folded just like the picture above.  however if you feel that you would like to make it smaller you can do so buy folding it once more inside or in-half.  Make it easy for yourself to insert, you will find the the first time may be slightly harder, but once you have tried it once or twice, it will be come smooth and effortless for you.

Find a comfortable position for yourself.  Some like standing, some like sitting, or some like to have their leg up to extra leverage.  Find what works best for you, it will differ from person to person. There is no hassle about emptying the cup either, but typically, you may only have to take it out once or twice a day. 
Empty and Clean
Emptying the cup is easy and mess free.  Most of us empty their cup conveniently in the washroom when they need to go.  On the side of the menstrual cup, give it a slight push while pulling on the stem that slightly sticks out.  As you push on the side, the air pressure will release and you will easily be able to pull out the cup and empty.  

To sanitize and clean your Menstrual cup, boil in boiling water for up to 10 mins.  It is recommended that you boil your cup after your cycle and keep in a cool dry environment. If the menstrual cup happens to get dirty before using, it is best and safest to boil it once more to sanitize before use. 
Hopefully this was an informative read for you.  Choosing to switch to Menstrual Cup has never been a better decision for me and the lives of the people I have spoken to who are using Menstrual cups.  I personally find it easy, convenient, comfortable, and cost effective. I wouldn't go back to any other menstrual solution, and only trust menstrual cup to give me the leak free protection that I need.
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